Puff N' Paint Nights Recap

I am soooooo grateful for All of you for coming out and showing out for Honey Gold Collections. The feeling you guys gave me for coming out and showing my product the love and support we received got me on a high I cant see myself coming down from. You guys these were my 1st events like ever, so with that needless to say I was blessed with the biggest blessing you can get out of any situation and thats Lessons. It takes a lot to be an actual business owner and if I wasnt hip to some things on my end I sure know how I am supposed to move now. I want to give an extra big Thanks to my Business Partner/ Owner of Beannie Bakes. He rode with me and put family, friends, and big plays on the line for me to have a successful event and stuck it out. Whether I was wrong or right he still made sure to come through & most important of ALL EDUCATED me on everything that I had payed no attention too. 

Thank you Cordoba for allowing the space to be available for my use. It was a cool location to really push my product intimately. I must say watching the Flyod Mayweather fight on a 200 sq. ft. screen was hella dope.

Thank you to my special friend Kiet at Chu Thong Coffee Shop you really came through for me and Im excited about the future. 

Shout out to @Califresh_infused for wanting to work with me and get Honey Gold everywhere. 

You guys when I say I am over the moon excited you just wouldn't understand.

Anyway please stay on the look out for future events on our instagram @HoneyGoldCollections.

TaTa for now Queens & Kings,

Queen Cie~

What do you do with it???

Heyyyy!!! Your back...well as awesome as that is, it'll be even better once you drop this Honey on your tongue. In all honesty, how could you resist indulging in this medicine at any given time, however you may want it.

You can get lost in the Honey Gold sauce by:

Drinking it with warm water/tea with added lemon.

Rub it inside and outside of your blunts or joints.

Pour in your margaritaaa.

Pull your dab, Dip in honey.

Add to your masks to make your skin more delectable than it already is

Nastyyy Time!!! (Uh huh Honeyy....)

You are so clumsy, put some honey on that wound. 

Drink too much drink some honey 

Get creative, have fun and Dripp that Shit!!!


Have a beautiful day & Keep doing great things Kings and Queens!!


Welcome To Honey Gold Collections Inc.

Hey there!!

Im so excited to launch the new website. Most importantly you came to check us out. 

In case you were wondering HONEY GOLD IS TIMELESS...

This product is so amazing all I need is for the whole world to have it on its tongue.

My goal is to take Honey Gold to the top...its where we are destined to go from here.

Add us on Instagram & tell your local dispensaries to order up. 

Oh! I almost forgot....Go get your tickets for HGC PUff N' Paint...

See you soon...Look out Next week for another Post on Honey Gold Colloections.org

~Queen Cie~